Scorpion fs Enduro review

Velo Vision review of HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs Enduro

Very positive review of the HP Velotechnik Scorpion fs Enduro in Velo Vision magazine.



“Full-Feature Creature

“The Scorpion fs has the looks and features of a genuinely capable off-road machine. We had the enviable task to investigate its full capability and find out if the GO SwissDrive made it a trike to take on the wilderness….”


“The Scorpion fs 26 is a rugged machine with a chassis to cope with whatever conditions prevail. Its class-leading handling feels safe and predictable at speed and the front suspension keeps roll under control while also being soft and comfortable.

“Additional to its ‘mountain trike’ label, the Enduro could easily be prepared for a trans-continental tour with the optional 25 kg rated rack. The fully-adjustable suspension would, I expect, accommodate the additional load easily. Our well-worn example gives confidence in the long-term reliability, too.”


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