HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. I did get the new Grasshopper fx home on the Bolt Bus. They have a good bike transport policy and space enough for a bike in a separate area from the crunch of suitcases and duffel bags that I usually see. I will probably use Bolt Bus to bring the bike back up to NY for the 5BBT in May – unless my wife comes with me (she prefers Amtrak).
The attached picture shows the bike with the Axion handlebar bags that I have adapted to work as mini-panniers on the Grasshopper. This arrangement should be sufficient for most 1-day or less tours. Still looking at options for the front and back lights (so many choices, so little time).
I want to thank you for the great customer service that was present all through my purchase of the bike: I never felt rushed or pressured, and you have always been responsive to my (many) questions on outfitting the bike.
I am looking forward to registering in January for the NYC 5 Boro Bike Tour, and to the training between now and May to get myself and the new bike in the best shape for the Tour. Maybe I ‘ll see a few other recumbent riders at the Tour as well!
Take care,

If you have space for only one recumbent bike, perhaps you’re looking for the Grasshopper fx.

Standing head and shoulders above the others, the HP Velotechnik Grasshopper is possibly the world’s finest folding recumbent bike. Built for touring and fast commuting, HP’s brilliant engineering and consistent attention to detail result in a high-quality recumbent that does everything an urban recumbent rider could want. Two 20″ wheels, so it’s small and spry, but designed for stability. The bottom bracket is 5″ above the seat level, so it’s aerodynamic and fast. The chain ring is protected and the chain is covered by chain tubes, so you won’t get grease on yourself or other passengers on the train. And it folds in 60 seconds and fits into its own bag, so it goes with you when you travel (bus, train, plane, car, etc.). Made in Germany.

See the manufacturer’s notes here…

Folds in 60 seconds. here’s how to fold it.


The Grasshopper fx comes standard with above-seat steering. The under-seat steering (“USS”) is an optional upgrade which is suitable for advanced riders or those who simply must have USS.


The Grasshopper fx recumbent bike was honored with the Eurobike Award 2007 for innovative design and excellent product quality.


Personal Story:

Until about two years ago, the Grasshopper fx was my (Robert’s) primary day-long ride and, quite simply, I loved it. (I now alternate between riding a HP Velotechnik Speed Machine and a Cruzbike Silvio as my day-trip bike, though the GHfx often comes out when NJ Transit is involved.) I’ve noticed that about half of all novice recumbent riders find the GH fx challenging to ride at first; others have no problem at all. Either way, as you get to know it, you’ll find it’s a great recumbent bike. A big reason it’s great for New Yorkers is that it’s easy to take on the trains or bus (in the optional carrying bag). And folding bikes don’t need a permit. More detailed reviews can be found here here, on my blog.