We Repair and Rebuild Your On-line Purchases!

Starting at $375.

Did you save money by buying a recumbent bike or trike on-line?

We will build, repair or maintain recumbent bikes and trikes that you have bought on-line. And we’re happy to do the quality control work as long as it’s a bike or trike from an established manufacturer.

If you’d like us to accept delivery of your new recumbent trike or bike and do the quality control and repair of “new” builds, just call for our commercial shipping address.

Prices start at $375 for builds and quality control of new trikes and bikes. The total cost for the work depends on the equipment, the extent of any issues and the cost for replacement parts and labor.

You probably already know that there can sometimes be a down-side to buying products on-line. In the case of bikes and trikes, when they arrive, they may be ill-fitting, sub-standard, poorly assembled and/or damaged. We’ve seen several instances of this and, frankly, it can be heart-breaking. Our price for builds, quality control and repair of “new” bikes and trikes are based purely on our hourly rate for mechanical work and how long it takes to bring a bike or trike up to the manufacturer’s spec plus any replacement parts. While we are happy to help you, we do not work to a “cap” (sorry) because it is impossible to know the extent of the problems or if the work was sub-standard until the bike or trike is on the stand.