You can choose to ride anything you want.  But if you could ride anything you wanted and wanted to ride it anywhere you pleased, why would you choose anything other than a Street Machine Gte recumbent bike?

HP Velotechnik’s Street Machine Gte sets the gold standard for urban commuting and long-haul touring. This 20″x26″ short wheelbase recumbent bike is made in Germany (the AL frame is welded in Taiwan–which is what you want). Every detail is designed to yield the perfect touring and commuting human powered vehicle. Head and shoulders above the rest and it puts you eye-level with the cars. As with all HP Velotechnik bikes, this is a bike you will treasure and which other recumbent bicyclists wish they owned. See the manufacturer’s notes here…

HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte on Whiteface Mtn.
Robert Matson’s Street Machine Gte recumbent bike on the way up Whiteface Mtn., fifth highest mountain in the Adirondacks, New York, USA. Photo copyr. R Matson 2013

Robert’s Street Machine Gte way the heck off-road in the Adirondacks, NY. Photo copyr. R Matson 2013

During the summer of 2013, I (Robert) took a fully-loaded Street Machine Gte with 40 lbs of gear — when dry, but on this trip everything was wet from constant rain — on a 750-mile tour through the Adirondacks and parts of Vermont. Roads ranged from 15-mile (but who is counting) uphill grinds with 10% grades, for example to the top of Whiteface Mountain, to insanely fast descents down similar grades (e.g., Whiteface east to Willmington and Lake Placid down into Keene). Road surfaces included anything and everything: perfect asphalt (rarely), broken asphalt (usually), wilderness forest roads and trails, grass tractor roads, steep dirt and gravel Vermont farm roads, muddy rutted surfaces that looked like a road about three miles ago, open fields, the beautiful Mohawk bike trail up around Albany, and any other by-way that looked like it went somewhere interesting. Speeds ranged from 3 mph to 50.4 mph.

When it comes to touring — as well as commuting, where road and traffic conditions are equally unpredictable — the Street Machine Gte recumbent bike stands apart from the others due to its exceptional handling under all conditions, loaded and not, and the extraordinary performance of the suspension and frame. For touring in the Northeast, or anywhere road surfaces are damaged by harsh weather, shocks should be considered mandatory safety equipment because you never know what crumbled pavement lurks beyond the next curve. The Street Machine ranks among the world’s elite expedition bikes.

No heavier than most other long-haul touring bikes.