The New York Times

Cruzbike Vendetta recumbent bicycles before a race.
Cruzbike Vendetta recumbent bicycles at a rare moment of motionlessness.


New York Times, Sunday November 13, 2010

Metro Section: “Spokes | A Struggle to Stay Upright (and Cool)
by Sean Patrick Farrell
“I know how to ride a bike. I’ve been doing it for about 25 years now. But I recently found myself wobbling down Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, trying to get the knack of pedaling again. I was riding, or at least trying to ride, while practically lying down.
“Relax your hands and lean back,” said Robert Matson, my coach in learning to ride a recumbent bicycle. “You have to accept the comfort,” he offered. I tried, but found myself quickly teetering on the odd machine….(more)”

Recumbent Journal, Sunday January 9, 2011
Big Apple Traffic, Cobbles Hobble Bentrification
by Chris Malloy
“Robert Matson seems clearly defined by two statements: “I hate cars. I like bikes….”(more)”