HP Velotechnik Gekko fx 20 and fx 26

Customer/friend J.E. enjoying her HP Velotechnik Gekko fx recumbent trike while reading a magazine called "Tricycle."

Shown here, one of New York City Recumbent Supply’s many happy customers (“J.E.”) on her Gekko fx.

The HP Velotechnik Gekko fx is the Smart Car of recumbent trikes in the way that the Scorpion fs is the Mercedes.

A Gekko fx lets riders have HP Velotechnik design and quality in a recumbent tricycle at an affordable price. Even though this is HP’s entry-level trike, there is nothing second rate about it.

The Gekko fx handles well and has the same high-quality ride, build and frame of any HP Velotechnik. Whether you prefer the Gekko fx 26 with the 26″ rear wheel or the Gekko fx 20 with the 20″ rear wheel, either is great for jaunts on the greenway, boardwalk, rail trail or riding into work. Likewise, either can be packed in a bag and taken by car or bus to Minnewaska State Park in New PaltzAcadia National Park, Nova Scotia or Quebec for some touring. Fits easily in a station wagon, SUV, bus or train. Also fits nicely in small homes. Readily accepts fenders, lights and a rack and can pull a trailer.

Concerned about weight and carrying it around? Don’t worry. You need not carry it while folded. Gekkos come standard with a set of roller blade wheels cleverly attached at the bottom of the trike, where it folds, so you can wheel it through Grand Central Station like a “roll-a-board” suitcase.

Gekko fx Dreirad Pedelec foldable HP Velotechnik with BionX E-Motor
The fold is fast and makes for a small, tight package.

More info. on the HP Velotechnik website here.