Demo rides

I bought my Quest Cruzbike after visiting Robert in Brooklyn. The money spent for training with Robert (rebated if you buy a bike) was money well spent. I have extensive experience bike riding and recumbent riding, but the CruzBike was something new to learn.
Cruzbike takes time to get real comfortable with and get the bike totally dialed in. Plan on 90 days and then try your old bike-I will not go back. I now ride almost a 100 miles a week commuting to work.
1. Very knowledgeable
2. Good teacher
3. Pleasant to work with
4. Excellent follow up to questions, concerns, etc (even before I bought the bike)
(still trying to think of one)
Jim, Chicopee, MA [medical doctor]

demo and private lesson on recumbent bike or trike including HP Velotechnik and Cruzbike

Call today for a demo ride or lesson on a recumbent bike, trike or Cruzbike: (646) 233-1219.

Demo/lesson location: Eastern Parkway Greenway and Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Demo fee credited in full upon purchase from New York City Recumbent Supply.
(No credit for purchases through manufacturers’ websites or other dealers’ websites or stores.)

We collect $100 per person for demo rides. Your $100 is credited in full when you buy a recumbent bicycle or tricycle from New York City Recumbent Supply. Demos run for 60 minutes.

Lessons on Cruzbike recumbent bikes:

Beginner lesson. 60 minutes. For people who want to learn to ride a Cruzbike. $100
Intermediate lesson. 60 minutes. For CB riders who want to ride more skillfully. $100
Advanced lesson. 60 minutes. For CB riders who want to learn higher-level riding techniques. $100

For both demos and lessons, we require that you sign a waiver and present ID and a major credit card.

For those who are riding a recumbent bike or Cruzbike for the first time, we offer private lessons on a high-quality HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx, HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte, Cruzbike Quest, or other short wheelbase recumbent bike. Lessons and demos are given on the car-free Eastern Parkway Greenway and in Prospect Park. Lessons run 60 minutes.

You will be riding a valuable bike. We reserve the right to deny or cancel a lesson or demo ride for any reason whatsoever or to restrict the ride, for example keeping speeds low or remaining in bike lanes. The most common reasons for cancellation are bad weather and concern, based on observing how you handle the bike, that you might damage the bike, injure yourself, or hurt someone in the park or on the greenway. All demos are by appointment only and subject to bike availability.

Special Offer: Get a lesson and demo combined. Cost is $200 and $150 will be credited to the purchase of a recumbent bike from New York City Recumbent Supply.