Our Ethics


New York City Recumbent Supply conducts itself according to a set of business ethics that Robert Matson, the owner, developed for himself in 1989 when he started his first business in New York City.  He believes that an ethically run businesses forms the basis for a high quality of life for all those we interact with — our customers, our suppliers, our teammates, our friends, our families and ourselves.

Business Ethics

  • No B.S.
  • Be kind.
  • Keep promises.
  • Meet deadlines.
  • Contain costs.
  • Generate intelligent and practical ideas.
  • Act responsibly.
  • Pay your suppliers on time.
  • Respect knowledge: what is known, what is not.
  • Know the rules; play by them.
Robert, Still grateful to you, after all these years, for a great start on the recumbent journey.  I couldn’t ride too much last year, however, I am gearing up to do more this year.  Still, my usual routine is going from 96th street down to Chambers street on the Greenway and back, 13 miles, about 3 times a week.  I always wished I could do faster, longer, but I am grateful I could do this and enjoy every moment of it.  Just like merchant ships at sea or bus drivers on a route, the secondary joy is seeing other recumbent friends on the route (like yourself once, and Shelly Mossey quite frequently).  Let me know if you are riding on the Greenway any afternoon and I will join you. Cheers, K—