Our Selection: carrying only best of breed

Maria Parker, CEO of Cruzbike, riding a Vendetta recumbent bike. A Vendetta recumbent trike was once seen setting a race record.

What do you want to do with your recumbent trike or bike?

New York City Recumbent Supply is the premier New York dealer for HP Velotechnik and Cruzbike recumbent trike and bike models.

We offer high quality solutions for touring, commuting, racing…or just having a good time.

New York City Recumbent Supply focuses on HP Velotechnik recumbent trike and bike models for commuting, day trips, and expedition-grade touring. Cruzbike recumbent bikes are our strong preference for club rides and racing as well as fast commuting, light-payload touring, and day trips. We believe these are among the best brands in their categories due to the professionalism of the manufacturers, the performance of the machines, and our personal experience with the people who design and produce these recumbent bikes.

We only handle recumbent trikes, bikes, and accessories that we actually use ourselves. Every model, we’ve personally owned and ridden hard, through a range of weather, on a range of road surfaces, and, in many cases, for thousands of miles (literally).

We are happy to listen at length to any complex concerns or requirements you may have. Health and fitness issues? Planning a trip that could change your life? We’ll do what we can to help get you there. Tough questions? Bring them, because we’re thinking about the same stuff: Safety? Climbing hills? Recumbent trike or bike? Cost? Disability? Durability? Risk of theft? Resale value? Packing on a plane? Electric drive? We’ll speak plainly with you about the advantages and disadvantages of any given model for your particular needs based on our — and our other customers’ — real world trials.


First and foremost, we sell recumbent trikes and bikes from the perspective of being riders. If we wouldn’t ride it, under the conditions you intend to ride, we won’t recommend it. If you only want to ride some scenic miles on a smooth bike path, we’ll help you get a fun ride at a low price.

If you want to know how a recumbent trike or bike climbs or handles loaded with luggage because you’re planning a long-distance tour, we can share our experience riding a fully-loaded Street Machine Gte up Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks and crossing 50 mph on Rte. 73 heading into Keene, NY. Since we’ve actually ridden it, we can tell you how the bike handled (perfectly), how the drivers acted (most are cool, a couple were idiots), and how we felt about the coffee shop we went into to calm our nerves (good coffee and donuts).

If we tell you that a Scorpion fs 26 recumbent trike runs true and remains unbelievably stable even when hitting shredded pavement at 23 mph, that’s because we discovered how incredibly fun it is to ride Scorpion trikes super-aggressively regardless of the condition of the roads. Cobble stones? Got them. They’re best taken with suspension. Missing a decreasing radius turn and driving off the road and into the forest? Yeah, that was something, but no one got hurt and nothing got scratched. Managing a steep potholed downhill in South Nyack? Yep. It was the first time I realized how much less I worry about taking a header on a recumbent versus when I ride a standard bike.


Recumbent trike or bike for this good man? Michael looks enthusiastic about his new HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gte recumbent bike.

Secondly, we sell from the perspective of being cycling advocates. More than anything, we want to see you on a recumbent bike or trike. Particularly, one you love. We’d like to see you out there improving your health while helping make the world a better, cleaner, more peaceful, and less car-centric place.


Thirdly, yes this is a business, but we take the high road. We grow our business by creating a generation of dedicated and satisfied recumbent trike riders and cyclists.


Often, customers are surprised to learn we’ve ridden on the same roads and bike paths that they plan to ride.  The Taconics?  Check.  Robert has done six multi-day tours through the Taconics and Berkshires.  Can this bike handle the hills in the Gunks? Check. He led a ride there for the AMC. Adirondacks? Yes — a 12-day, 1000-mile tour. How about the Rockies? Well, haven’t done them personally, but we have at least four customers who crossed — or who are crossing — America right now (Atlantic to Pacific and Alaska to Tierra del Fuego) and the CEO of Cruzbike won Race Across America on a Vendetta in 2013. That counts.

We also handle tandems and trikes for people with rehabilitation and other special requirements.

Please note: Bicycles, tricycles and accessory prices and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Current prices and specifications are published on manufacturers’ websites. We are not responsible for errors or omissions. Some of the bikes in the photos include options and upgrades. The manufacturer may switch out or redesign components without notice. Call if you have questions about this.