New Jersey Department of Transportation Announces Online Bicycle Map and Resource Guide

Just now, I heard some great news from the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition:

On May 9, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Office of the NJ Dept. of Transportation announced an online New Jersey Bicycle Map and Resource Guide, a “comprehensive tool for those traveling by bicycle for recreation or transportation in New Jersey.” The map includes 18 (count them) state bicycle tour guides (routes), elevation, on-road bicycle facilities, a gauge showing suitability for biking, and cultural, historic, recreational and other points of interest along the way.

The guide divides New Jersey into two regions. (Click the links to download the associated PDFs, but beware, some of them are big):
a Northern map and Resource Guide highlighting the Newark area
a Southern map  and Resource Guide highlighting the Camden area

One highlight is the state atlas.  With this, you can zoom in on sections of the state where you want to ride.

Lastly, the 18 State bicycle tour guides have all been digitized.  You can download them to your smartphone, see where you are on the route, and track your progress.

These new resources reinforce the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s support for bicycling and the Complete Streets philosophy, and its goal to promote sustainable, walkable and bikeable communities.

Help keep NJ great.  Support the advocacy work of the New Jersey Bike and Walk Coalition by becoming a member. (click there).  Annual memberships range from $35 to $250.

Have fun and stay healthy,
Robert Matson
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