Customizing the padding on a hardshell seat

Here’s a solution for customizing a hard shell seat pad, brought to us by Neile Weissman.  Images below.
Top is a thin, light, washable, and very durable Zotefoam. Foam additions are layers of (disposable-reusable) commercial packing foam from
shipping department of a computer retailer. (Get it out of the recycling.) Materials also include 3M spray mount adhesive, 2″
wide strips of velcro and a box cutter.
The firm but resilient foam affords a modicum of shock protection, but it’s not
so soft that I (Neile) lose power while pushing hard on pedals.

The addition is very light in weight: a few ounces total. You can also shave a few
grams and alter the shock absorption quality by dremeling some holes.

It’s absurdly light and durable. And the “chevron” pattern works well ducting perspiration and providing ventilation.
Bacchetta open foam pads were sweat pads — they also sandpapered jerseys.

Downside is that this padding provides zero shock absorption on a carbon shell.

So extending a layer of softer packing foam under the butt helps if you intend to
ride on rough roads (hardpack).

I got the top layer Zotefoam pad here:
Neile Weissman is a bent-riding trip leader extraordinaire for New York Cycle Club (NYCC) and a hard-working advocate for cycling in the region.  He leads about 50 trips a year, loves taking the hilly route, and is a veritable walking encyclopedia — riding encyclopedia? — of fascinating bike routes in the Greater NY Metro Area.

Custom foam fitting, close up.

Foam with dremeled holes.
Foam with velcro.

Have fun and consider padding your…seat,
Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2013 Robert Matson

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