Customer writes: “Bike race!”

R_Brown on her HP Velotechnik Gekko fx

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Subject: Bike race!
From: RB <r–b—>
To: “Robert Matson”

The Gekko is incredibly well engineered and turns well.  I really appreciate the thought that you put into the gearing system.  Also, to get to the race would have been impossible with my previous trike.  We are car-free.  It was a simple matter to put the folded Gekko into the trunk of an Uber XL. I am also able to ride further with a smoother ride.  I felt like the 5K was too short. In the Fall I am planning on a 10 mile race.

I came to Robert with the desire to upgrade my trike.  It took a lot of thought. Robert was incredibly patient while I worked my process. Finally it became financially possible and he answered a million questions.  Plus finding a friend who was willing to deliver my Gekko to NJ.
Thank you again.
Ed. note: I like RB’s blog. It is Three Wheeled Librarian.

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