Bend It Cycling Shorts Review – I like them.

Bend-It Cycling makes practical cycling shorts and shirts for recumbent riders.

A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to use my Bend-It Cycling road shorts for real.  By that, I mean riding about 280 miles over three days without washing.  Mine are the tights-style, not the mountain bike style.

Great shorts!  Snug but not uncomfortably tight.  I wear thin compression underwear underneath for modesty and they fit fine with that extra layer.  The seams don’t chafe.  The waist stays up.  Super comfortable while riding.  The bottoms of the legs stayed in place.  And, even after three days of riding, without washing, they didn’t start to smell bad!  (That’s an important feature!)  Is the fabric anti-microbial?  I didn’t see any clear designation of this so I asked the manufacturer.  Indeed, the short’s fabric is made from an anti-microbial polyester and nylon blend.

I’m very enthusiastic about these.

Be sure to drop by their site the next time you’re buying recumbent bike shorts.

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