Sign petition to establish 3′ Safe Passing standard

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Dear Cyclists,

The campaign in New York State to establish a defined 3′ Safe Passing standard – consistent with more than half the states in the country – has reached a critical point in the New York State Legislature. The New York Bicycling Coalition needs everyone who rides a bike in New York State, and wants to be able to do so more safely, to sign on to the 3′ petition at the link below:

Join the Campaign for a 3 Foot Passing Law in New York! <>

Next month, during Bike Month, the New York Bicycling Coalition will be having a press conference at the State Capitol to present this petition to the leadership of the New York State Assembly Transportation Committee, through which the 3′ Safe Passing bill must move and was stuck the last legislative session.

To learn more about the history of this campaign, please see the second link below, at the New York Bicycling Coalition’s (NYBC) website:


Thank you for supporting NYBC’s efforts to make bicycling safe throughout our great state!


KEN MCLEOD, Policy Director
KEN@BIKELEAGUE.ORG <mailto:KEN@BIKELEAGUE.ORG> | 202-621-5447 <tel:(202)%20621-5447>
We’re leading the movement to build a bicycle-friendly America for everyone. Join us. <>

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