HP Velotechnik: Q&A about options and accessories


A customer recently wrote me with several questions about a configuration for a new HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx.  If you too are considering buying a Grasshopper fx, you may be interested in our notes.


Hi D__  M____,

My answers to your Q’s below, marked “RM.”
>>I’m a little concerned that I may need the rear rack (sooner or later) for more storage capacity. Is it possible to order that separately later on? For that matter, how about adding the low-rider later on in case I do decide to try a tour/trip?

>>If these racks can be separately ordered later, how difficult is to add them later? Is that something I could do myself or would it require a mechanic?

Yes, you can order the rear- and low-rider rack later, as an add-on.
They are surprisingly tricky to install.  I recommend you ask the dealer to do the work.


>>In addition, would adding a rear rack later (if possible) affect the rear light, which HP Velo installs on the back of the rack?

If you order a light system WITHOUT the rear rack, the light is mounted on the back of the seat.  That rear light may optionally be moved and remounted on the rear of the rack after a rear rack is installed.  Whether that re-mounting is easy depends on how much wiring the factory left when originally installing the light to the back of the seat.


>> In terms of suspension, is it overkill to upgrade that in case I occasionally use more weight capacity than 100kg on both back and front? Is it damaging in some way to almost always under load the suspension?

No, it is not damaging to under load the suspension, but it would be damaging to OVER load it.  I’d probably recommend ordering the suspension with the spring you’d use most of the time.  If you decide to plan a tour or find yourself frequently carrying heavy items (groceries, hardware, bricks…), then I’d buy the harder springs at that time and install them in the suspension.  The rear spring on the DNM DV22 shock is particularly easy to replace.  This might suffice as your “heavy load” option if you are like many people and load their cargo on the rear rack, which mostly affects the rear shock.


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