I have so little time to write at this moment.  Thankfully, friends have been writing in with notes.  Here’s one from Kim (new silver HP Velotechnik Street Machine) who also appeared in last year’s New York Times article.


Hi Robert,

It’s been several months since I purchased my Street Machine GTE from your company. If you recall, I picked up the recumbent with an injured knee. The knee healed and the snows arrived; along with tax season. Finally, this past month I have been out on the road with my GTE.

It is a fantastic bike! Having ridden a short-wheel based, above seat steering, lightweight recumbent for over 10 years; I can only say that the GTE blows it away. The quality speaks for itself. The trouble-free assembly speaks for your talents. I would recommend the bike in a heartbeat. The below seat steering took a few rides to get comfortable with but once I did, it provided a stability that my previous bike never achieved. The additional 6 pounds has had no impact on my ability to get up the hills of LI. The upgrades (disc brakes and bar-end shifts with drive train) put this bike in dream bike status. I would be happy to share my experiences about this recumbent or your shop with any potential buyers should they be needed. Enjoy your

Kim Wasserman

This reminds me that I need to write my own review of the Street Machine Gte.  I’ve felt no urgency though.  Its reputation speaks so loudly for itself, there’s nothing I feel I can add.  Other than to say it rides just as well fully-loaded as it does with no racks and bags, and that is a good test for a bike.

Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2011 Robert Matson

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