Surprisingly fast bike. (Cruzbike Quest.)

Cruzbike.  Another update.

This morning I took a Cruzbike Quest 26″ out for a training ride, doing loops around Prospect Park.  I averaged 20.2 mph over 34 miles with a maximum speed of 33.2 mph.  This is a moderately hilly loop of about 3.56 miles.

To put this in context, the last time I did a triathlon, about 8 years ago, the bike portion was 24.8 miles (40k) on a flat course, and I remember averaging 19.5 mph.  I think that was my fastest ride for any substantial distance.

Given that I was riding at race pace in that previous instance, I’m rather pleased — to say the least — with my training pace this morning.  I wish I could say it’s all about me, and not about the bike, however I strongly suspect that it’s about the bike.

Have fun and stay healthy,
Robert Matson
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