Customer experience with HP Velotechnik and New York City Recumbent Supply

This customer recently needed some under-warranty repair.  At the conclusion of our resolving the issue, he wrote the following note to the HP Velotechnik team and me.  I thought that people who are considering buying an HP Velotechnik trike or bike would appreciate seeing it.


——– Original Message ———-
Subject: Scorpion repair
From: MT
To: “Robert Matson”

Hello David, Alexander, and Robert,

I just want to thank you for 1) identifying the part and 2) getting it to me in time for my local bike shop to install for my trip.

When I purchased my Scorpion FS 26 last year from Robert Matson of New York City Recumbent Supply, he boasted about HP Velotechnik, about the company’s attention to quality and detail; the precision of its technicians; and the responsive support should I need any.

He was right on all counts.

Together, you make a great team.
Happy trails,

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