How to choose between the Vendetta and Silvio?

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Hope this email finds you healthy and busy but with enough time to ride now that the weather is warm.

I am finally going to order a new ride. I really enjoyed the Silvio last summer, but I have been having second thoughts about the S30 vs the V20.

Do you have any insight into how to distinguish the two to determine which would be the better ride for me. As you know I am very interested in speed. I worry however that the 20 degree incline of the Vendetta will become uncomfortable on long rides. Any thoughts?

Further I was wondering if you had any suggestions about requesting special equipment on the bike. For example, I find I like the disk brakes on my Quest. Would you suggest having disk brakes on the model I order? Are the various components on the bikes, wheels, shifters, etc. the best choices I could make? Any suggestions?



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Hi David!

Great to hear from you.  How are you?
Sorry to be slow to reply.  I took a short vacation and went backpacking for three days in the Catskills over the holiday weekend.
For me, the Vendetta’s (V20) 20 deg. incline isn’t uncomfortable.  It’s more like you’re tucked into a luge/race car.  Visibility of the street from about 0′ to 20′ is slightly limited on the V20 compared to the Silvio due to the low seat angle — the pedals and handlebars may be in your field of view.  The main thing is that it is insanely aero and fast.
For me, the Silvio’s more inclined seat position makes it more compatible for riding with standard frame riders.  Also, I (personally) can see the street well, even at 0′ in front of me, so the 0′ – 20′ street visibility is less an issue.  It’s slower than the Vendetta, but it’s still extremely aero and fast.
I’d say if your priority is speed, there’s nothing like the Vendetta (V20).  It’s unbelievable; it has no equal.
Maybe a way to decide is to weigh comfort (Silvio) vs. speed (Vendetta).  Which is more important to you?
As for special equipment, I’m strongly of the opinion that it is best to go with the manufacturer’s standard components and their wheels, etc.  The price including their build and installation is a bargain; it’s great equipment; and you’re assured that it will work as they intend.  Their rim brakes are good.
I sincerely hope this helps!
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Best wishes,

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