15 Cities for People Who Hate Driving and Long Commutes

15 Cities for People Who Hate Driving and Long Commutes:
Where to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of time behind the wheel

From: US News and World Report
Posted: November 11, 2009

Includes wise-cracks from yours truly. Ranked in order of non-car commuters.

Cambridge, Mass.
Average commute time: 24 minutes Non-car commuters: 58 percent
-> Of course.

Average commute time: 23.1 minutes Non-car commuters: 33.5 percent
-> Nice city. Good hills. Great architecture. Eat at Savoia’s great Italian restaurant Dish Osteria.

Boulder, Colo.
Average commute time: 18.4 minutes Non-car commuters: 30.6 percent
-> Let me at it.

Davis, Calif.
Average commute time: 20.3 minutes Non-car commuters: 28.7 percent
-> From 35 years ago, remember it being beautiful with a wonderful aquarium. I’d go.

Ann Arbor, Mich.
Average commute time: 18.4 minutes Non-car commuters: 27.5 percent
-> Veni, vidi… and attended college. Town with great core. Too bad about the sprawl.

New Haven, Conn.
Average commute time: 21.6 minutes Non-car commuters: 27.3 percent
-> Got Crime?

Chapel Hill, N.C.
Average commute time: 20.1 minutes Non-car commuters: 26.2 percent
-> Frequently, when a NYCity driver is dangerous and reckless, the car will turn out to have a North Carolina license plate. Maybe all these drivers hail from Raleigh-Cary, no. six on the 2007-08 listof the most dangerous cities for walking and not from Chapel Hill, but I’ve learned to steer clear of all cars with NC license plates. So, I’d have to learn not to hate 73.8% of the commuters in Chapel Hill. Might be difficult. Sorry. Learn to drive.

Average commute time: 21.9 minutes Non-car commuters: 24.2 percent
-> Got cold. Got art and culture. Got snow. I think I’d like it.

Portland, Ore.
Average commute time: 24.1 minutes Non-car commuters: 22.7 percent
-> Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m sure it’s great. But I’m getting sick of hearing about how great it is.

Ames, Iowa
Average commute time: 15.3 minutes Non-car commuters: 22.6 percent
-> I’m sure it’s nice, but I’ve never been there. Here is the webpage with the City of Ames’ Urban Deer Management Hunting Rules. Presumably you can buy a firearm when you get there. Please sell it before you come back to New York.

Madison, Wis.
Average commute time: 18.7 minutes Non-car commuters: 21.9 percent
-> “F. ’em Bucky.” I like WI people.

Average commute time: 23 minutes Non-car commuters: 21.7 percent
-> Who could say noo to Honolulu?

Provo, Utah
Average commute time: 16.2 minutes Non-car commuters: 21.4 percent
-> Home/grave (?) of Word Perfect. Probably nice. Would I have to be Mormon?

Eugene, Ore.
Average commute time: 16.9 minutes Non-car commuters: 20.7 percent
-> I think I’d like it for a while, but would find it small. However, I do like Oregon.

Syracuse, N.Y.
Average commute time: 16.3 minutes Non-car commuters: 20.1 percent
-> If it ain’t NYC, it ain’t NY. Just kidding. It’s probably stupendously beautiful.

Enjoy cycling.
– Robert
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