New SWB bent from Rans: the Enduro Sport

Hi Folks,
I just got in from Interbike about an hour or so ago. Wanted to post this before hitting the sack, because it’s pretty interesting.
OK, so Rans presented a new SWB bent: the Enduro Sport. It’s basically the F5 in a 20×26 configuration; so a combo of the V-Rex and the F5. 2″ diameter Mono-tube frame. Has an over-under idler, so it looks an awful lot like the Bachetta Giro 20. Handlebars: current V-Rex style, superman.
Components same as current V-Rex (as shown at the show). They showed it in a beautiful deep metallic red they call “Rush Red” (not the Corvette red of their other bikes). The paint looks great.
Randy Schlitter (designer/president) told me they’ll offer it in Small, Medium and Large, which is great, since Rans didn’t have a SWB bent for smaller riders.
What’s also cool is that it has a lower seat height than the V-Rex, making it both more stable, and even better for smaller riders. I don’t have the measurements for the bottom bracket, but it felt pretty close to the V-Rex in terms of BB to seat height: aero, but not high-racer.
They are keeping the long seat rail, so it’s still a highly adjustable bike. Same seat stays/sprint braces as current.
The rear braze-ons are positioned in a new way — at the tail end of the frame — maybe hard to imagine — which should make it easier to mount a rack and fenders w/o the rack mounting kits.
It was shown in 4130 Chromoly steel.
Making this yet more interesting is that Randy is considering making it available in a 20×20 optional configuration, so we will again have something like the Rocket, which is good news for urban riders.
The bike also has braze-ons for a totally new style of under seat rack that will be Rans-designed. The rack wasn’t shown, and presumably it isn’t yet priced, but certainly one can hope that it will have a slightly lower price than the underseat rack from Terracycle, but who knows.
Retail price will be $1485 (not including sales tax or shipping surcharges), so this will be the entry level SWB bent.
In summary, I enjoyed riding it. I tested it at decent speed on a slippery polished cement floor; it was responsive and possible to sense whether the tires were losing their grip or not. I feel this is a good direction, certainly for the NY City urban market. If you already have a V-Rex or Rocket, it’s pretty similar, but if you were considering in the future buying a V-Rex or the B-brand’s Giro, I would urge new customers to consider it.
Photos….alas. I missed my chance. I’ll post one as soon as I get something from Rans. If anyone else on the group got a photo, please post!
Regarding other bikes, I only carry SWB bents, so I didn’t look carefully at the Long Wheelbase ‘bents or crank-forwards. But they had an XStream there and it sounded like they may offer it in 3 different configurations at 3 diff. price points. I was told it may be a while before the website is updated with the new info., but of course that’s the best place to check.
Robert Matson
NYC Recumbent Supply (TM)
The Innovation Works, Inc.

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