HP Velotechnik Recumbent Bikes and Trikes

HP Velotechnik S-Pedelec Scorpion fs 26 being inspected.

HP Velotechnik: quality, durability, safety, distance, fun and speed.

When I purchased my Scorpion FS26 last year from Robert Matson of New York City Recumbent Supply, he boasted about HP Velotechnik, about the company’s attention to quality and detail; the precision of its technicians; and the responsive support should I need any.
He was right on all counts. Together, you make a great team.
Happy trails, M.T.

The HP Velotechnik company, with around 40 employees, is one of the largest recumbent manufacturers in the world. The depth and breadth of their company enables them to provide a high level of quality in design and manufacturing along with superb after-sales service. They are entirely unique in the world of recumbent bikes for their dedication to excellence in every respect. For example, they manufacture bikes with quality control standards that are so high that they can offer 10-year warranties on frames. It’s extremely rare that customers ever find themselves needing to use that warranty, but, when they do, the company has been incredibly responsive about resolving problems and then working to ensure they don’t happen again. Truly, they are one of the greatest bike manufacturers in the world. We’re lucky they’ve chosen to make recumbent bikes.

Scorpion fs 26 and fs 20 Recumbent Trike

HP Velotechnik engineering in a full-suspension, folding recumbent tricycle. Much imitated, never surpassed.

Gekko fx 20 and 26 Recumbent Trike

HP Velotechnik engineering, creativity and quality in an entry-level folding recumbent tricycle.

Street Machine Gte Recumbent Bike

The Street Machine is ideal for commuting and touring on all roads and through all terrains. It is one of the world’s top expedition-quality bikes.

Grasshopper fx Folding Recumbent Bike

The HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx and fx/Air are possibly the world’s finest folding recumbent bikes.

Grasshopper fx “Air” Packable Recumbent Bike

HP Velotechnik's Grasshopper fx/NYC shown packed in a suitcase.
New York City Recumbent Supply’s Grasshopper fx “Air” recumbent bike with under-seat steering folded and packed for travel.

Speed Machine Recumbent Bike

HP Velotechnik Speed Machine set up for moving out.
HP Velotechnik’s fast “road bike” is engineered for fast day-rides and brevets. However, it also accepts racks, fenders, light kit and panniers to become an aerodynamic commuting and touring machine.