Cruzbike V20

“Robert: Consider this email a digital “thank you” card. We have been considering the purchase of a Cruzbike for years; and, as you know, this is not a purchase made lightly. But thanks to your detailed engagement – both in-person contact and email communication – we are ready to make the leap. Looking forward to those final notes regarding inventory & shipping and, then, clicking “submit order.” All the Best, H—-“

The V20 (née Vendetta) is a race bike, possibly the world’s fastest non-faired bicycle. Due to the aerodynamics and the efficiency with which it uses the upper, lower and core body muscles, it allows riders to quickly accelerate to ridiculously high speeds. How to say this in a way that sounds credible…. The V20 can take you faster under the power of your own strength than you probably would have ever believed possible. The race results and records are for real. Suitable for ultra high speeds, not suitable for casual riding. I don’t think you believe me. You will after you buy one.

Beautiful paint and design.

On the Cruzbike website, they write:

“The ultimate in speed and ergonomics on two wheels, the Cruzbike V20 recumbent bike is for the cyclist who wants the ultimate performance machine. Light, aerodynamic, powerful, sexy. Small bumps are smoothed out by its slightly longer wheelbase, yet the V20 seat is still high enough to make eye contact with automobile drivers. Make no mistake, this multiple record holding recumbent bike will enable you to top your fastest speeds in style. Overall, the V20 is the fastest unfaired bicycle on the market.”
Maria Parker racing on a Cruzbike Vendetta.
Maria Parker racing on a Cruzbike Vendetta.