Cruzbike S40

Cruzbike S40

The newest recumbent bike in the Cruzbike lineup: the S40. It’s versatile, functioning equally well as a commuting bike, touring bike, or fast road bike for club rides. With a 40-degree backrest angle, it is more upright and less aero than the V20 (née Vendetta) or the S40’s predecessor, the S30 (née Silvio), but that angle also makes it easier to handle on steep climbs. The S40 uses the same stiff and light power train as the V20, except it has a wider fork crown. As a result, it can accept wide and durable tires, e.g. 37mm Schwalbe Marathons. Manufacturer’s standard configuration is with disk brakes and 700c wheels, making this a great commuter/touring bike that has the braze-ons to easily mount racks. It can also be left lightweight and fitted with 23 – 28mm racing tires.

S40 complete (standard manufacturer’s components): $3999

S40 frameset: $2299

US customers may order the S40 complete or as a frameset. The complete option includes all main components installed in the frame, pre-fit to the rider’s measurements. The installation includes shifters, brakes, main cable housing and grip tape. The drive wheel includes the cassette pre-installed. The manufacturer’s standard component spec is on the level of SRAM Apex.

Cruzbike has a great fit page here.

Plenty of clearance for 32mm tires.
These are 32mm tires on an S40. There’s clearance for a wider tire.