New York City Recumbent Supply

Street Machine Gte recumbent bike and rider. Photo by Rob Thomson (near Oltu, eastern Turkey). / by Rob Thomson. near_Oltu_eastern_Turkey / Street Machine Gte from HP Velotechnik: high-payload expedition touring, commuting, daily riding

Recumbent bikes and trikes?
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By appointment only.
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How can we help you?

New York City Recumbent Supply was founded in 2008 with the goal of helping New York Metro riders of all shapes, sizes and abilities get into the exciting world of recumbent bikes and trikes. We provide personal service, working one-on-one with each customer, by appointment only, so you can ask all your questions and receive undivided attention.

To begin the process, send an email telling us about your condition and your goals. We work in conjunction with bike shops, hospitals and rehab clinics so you can get the recumbent bike or trike gear and service you need. Demos and lessons are available.

We specialize in helping cyclists with:

  • health conditions
  • specific requirements: tours and expeditions, commuting, road setups, etc.
  • riding fast
  • riding far
  • riding slow and near
  • daily riding
  • sight-seeing
  • commuting
  • touring
  • randonneuring

Premium dealer: HP Velotechnik and Cruzbike bikes and trikes.