Occupational Therapy

R_Brown on her HP Velotechnik Gekko fx

The Gekko is incredibly well engineered and turns well.  I really appreciate the thought that you put into the gearing system.  Also, to get to the race would have been impossible with my previous trike.  We are car-free.  It was a simple matter to put the folded Gekko into the trunk of an Uber XL. I am also able to ride further with a smoother ride.  I felt like the 5K was too short. In the Fall I am planning on a 10 mile race.

I came to Robert with the desire to upgrade my trike.  It took a lot of thought. Robert was incredibly patient while I worked my process. Finally it became financially possible and he answered a million questions.  Plus finding a friend who was willing to deliver my Gekko to NJ.

Thank you again.


[Read  RB’s blog here: Three Wheeled Librarian.]


It is a pure and simple joy to ride a recumbent trike.

A large portion of our customers have disabilities of various types and use recumbent trikes and bikes for occupational therapy, rehabilitation and recreational therapy. If you have a disability and are looking for a recumbent trike (3 wheels) or bike (2 wheels), we can work with your doctor or other health service provider to assist you.

Occupational Therapy and Recreational Therapy

If you are an occupational or recreational therapist and would like to add recumbent tricycles or bicycles to your practice, we can assist you, too. We work with recreational and occupational therapists in private practice, in clinics and in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) hospitals.

Assisting occupational therapy and recreational therapy providers with recumbent tricycles and bicycles, New YorkFor more information about occupational therapy and to help find a credentialed occupational therapist, visit the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). For more information about recreational therapy, visit the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.