HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx on New York regional buses

Recently, a few customers have written me saying they had absolutely NO hassles putting their HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx’s on the regional bus between New York and Washington, DC.One had taken the Bolt Bus, putting his GHfx in the luggage compartment.  The other took Greyhound (also known as Peter Pan).  Apparently the Mega Bus double-decker buses don’t have much luggage space and their website says “no bikes.”

In one case, the cyclist was told he had to put his Grasshopper fx into a box, but when he told the driver that it folded, there were no more issues.  He also protected the bike by wrapping it in a padded blanket.  I’d presume that the padding is optional as far as the bus company is concerned but that they do want cyclists to put their bike in a bag such as the one HP Velotechnik makes for the GHfx.

Also, recently, I had two long distance riders — they were going from British Columbia to Mexico via New York — who put their HP Velotechnik Street Machine Gtes onto Bolt Buses with no problem.  They didn’t even wrap their bikes in protective material.  They were taking the Bolt from NYC to Wash., DC.  Of course, I assume the driver can refuse a bike if he/she has reason to.

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Robert Matson
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