Velcro for seat padding coming unattached

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Hi Robert,

I hope that you remember me.  My name is M– K–, and I bought a Streetmachine from you several years ago.  Not too long after I got it home I noticed that the tape that holds the foam padding onto the seat began to lose its adhesiveness and it began to become unsecured from the seat.  Eventually the tape stopped working all together.  I expect that I am not the only person for whom this is has become an issue.  Have the Streetmachine people come up with a solution to this problem.  And if not do you have any suggestions about what can be done to make the seat functional again?

Thank you,

M— K—-


Hi M—-,

How are you?!  Great to hear from you.
Yes, that velcro has come unglued from the foam for me, too on my personal HP Velotechnik bikes.  It’s annoying.  But, now that I think of it, no one else has ever asked me about it.  I also wonder if this happens less often on current models or it only happens on some seats due to weather or humidity or something like that.
At any rate, there are a couple ways to solve the problem:
My personal solution is to re-glue the velcro to the foam with Gorilla Glue (use only a tiny amount of glue).  This is cheap, easy and fast but the glue can be messy.
You can also upgrade the foam cushion to the Airflow Seat cushion ($129 + tax at 2016 prices).
Of course I can also sell you replacement foam cushions, but if your cushions are in good condition that might be unnecessary.
If you’ve lost the velcro, you can buy new velcro from a hardware store. I don’t think there’s nothing special about HP Velotechnik’s velcro.
Do any of those routes sound like they’ll work for you?
Best regards,


Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply

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