Sebring 2015: Maria Parker sets new record on a Cruzbike Vendetta to win the 12-hour race.

Maria Parker set a new female record for the 12-hour race at Sebring, riding a Cruzbike Vendetta.  A good number of the Cruzbike crew were present at the race, and I heard from an authoritative source, who was present at the race, but who I will not name, that the diamond frame riders were seriously pissed.  The DF peloton refused to ride cooperatively with the recumbent riders during the race, one of them told a recumbent rider during the race that they “don’t want [you] here,” and, at the award ceremony, the actual trophy was handed to the top-finishing diamond frame female rider, instead of Maria, who was the female rider who rode the greatest number of miles. Wait, what’s that?  Whoever rides the greatest number of miles wins, right?

Maria has a nice blog entry about the day here.  True to her good character, she makes no mention of the unsportsmanlike conduct of the standard frame riders.

Jim Parker won the 100 mile race in 4 hours, 14 minutes on a CB Vendetta.  He wrote an enjoyable blog entry about the Florida HPRA race, which occurred in the days before Sebring.

Charlie Ollinger, riding a Vendetta, broke course records in the 200 meter (36.725 mph) and 1 km (31.129 mph) velodrome events that had previously been set by Mike Mowett on a Morciglio M1 lowracer. Charlie also won the 50-lap velodrome event — apparently — “easily.”

Interesting side note: a Bachetta rider, who lost the race, bought a Vendetta after the race.

Other fun little tidbit is that another Cruzbike contender, Daryl Hanger, raced his recently acquired Sofrider in the Stock category and scored 7th overall in points out of 15. I love it. The Sofrider is NOT built for speed, but as someone who rides one for city commuting, I have to say I’m not astonished to hear this. I continue to think it’s one of the fastest, low cost recumbents available today.

Daryl Hanger
Daryl Hanger shows what a Cruzbike Sofrider can do.

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