Pedals of Honor

Nano (L) and Antonio (R) are two of New York’s most recognizable athletes. They lead an 8am Saturday morning hand-cycle training ride in Central Park. In upper left hand corner, left to right, Robert Matson, Joe Traum and Sze Wing Kwok speak with an athlete about hand cycles and an upcoming race.
Lining up to ride the Central Park loop.

Today I assisted with the recumbent trikes at the Pedals of Honor program from the VA Veterans Integrated Service Network 3 Adaptive Sports Program.  Neile Weissman, New York Cycle Club’s ‘bent-riding ride leader extraordinaire, helped.  The HP Velotechnik Gekko fx seemed to be the favorite trike foot-cycle.

Nice shirt.  Photo of me (Robert) taken later that day. During
the event I was too busy to ask for a photo, as usual. I need
to start asking people for photos, while the action is…in action.

What is “Pedals of Honor”?

From the press release…

Pedals of Honor makes cycling a reality for Veterans with limb loss

A new program from the VA Veterans Integrated Service Network 3 (VISN 3) Adaptive Sports Program and Achilles International invite Veterans with limb loss to participate in a bike riding experience, Cycling in Central Park, on Wednesday, May 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The event, sponsored by DAV Transportation Network, the Long Beach VFW Post 1384, Hicksville VFW Post 3211, VVNW Nassau County Chapter 82 and DAV Amputation Chapter 76, serves as the kick off for what will be a weekly cycling program in Central Park for Veterans.

“Adaptive sports are an amazing way to facilitate overall health and wellness while providing an opportunity for our New York and New Jersey Veterans to explore the city in ways they haven’t before,” said Leif Nelson, Prosthetics Clinical Coordinator at VA New York Harbor Healthcare System, which houses the VISN 3 Prosthetics Program.

Achilles International has partnered with the VA VISN 3 Adaptive Sports Program to provide top level instruction for Veterans wanting to participate in cycling. The program uses top of the line cycles that will accommodate Veterans with a wide range of disabilities including Spinal Cord Injury, Limb Loss and Visual Impairments.

Eligible Veterans can participate in group rides and instruction and the program is open to all experience levels from beginners to experts. Equipment can accommodate any and all disabilities.

Have fun and stay well,
Robert Matson
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