No, I haven’t disappeared. I’ve been walking.

One of the many magnificent views in the Taconics. Robert in blue hat. Photo by David Thornquist. Copyr. 2011.
Spring is here, and today we’re having our first truly beautiful day.  The cherry trees in front of the Brooklyn Museum of Art are in full bloom; and the magnolias are in full flight in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Last weekend I was backpacking in the Taconics, the same region where I did three weekend-long bike tours last year.  The Appalachian Trail runs through this area, which includes portions of New York State, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  We were often walking from one state to another.  Interesting to see the same views, but from the tops of the mountains this time, instead of the where the roads lie — the valleys and the facing ridge to the west.  I’m getting to know the area pretty well.  As soon as I find some good overnight locations, I’ll organize a tour through there for friends and customers, maybe just one night-long to start.  If this sounds good to you, write me so I can gauge interest.

left to right: Nora, Lewis, Robert (Me), Maria, Michael
Photo by David Thornquist Copyr. 2011.
Everywhere we walked there was still a good deal of snow.  Not a lot of flowers (none).  The first night we camped on a ski mountain, with snow all around us in the groomed areas.  I used crampons-lite to hike up to the campsite.  As for the high points and peaks on the trail, just a few days earlier we would have needed traction devices, if not crampons, but there was enough clear rock that we made it with boots.  The nice thing about early spring hiking is that you get views that’ll later be blocked once the leaves appear.  Of course, you also get rain and the possibilities of snow showers. (By the way, the roads were clear.)

This Sat. is the first “spring” Grant’s Tomb ride.  Recumbent riders have been hiding this winter.  And now, I wonder if everyone is feeling too weak to ride.  Haven’t received a single RSVP.  Last year, we rode all winter long.  I’ve missed that this year.

I have a case of Caldera Cone Keg-F’s to get rid of.  $60 each.  These are cool little one-person cooking systems consisting of a pot made from a Foster’s can and an alcohol stove (or esbit, your choice).  They weigh almost nothing.  Perfect for bike camping and hiking.  (I have a two new Gekko fx’s to get rid of too.  Call me.)

Time to ride.  Where is everybody?  Hiking?!

Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply
The Innovation Works, Inc.
copyright 2011 Robert Matson

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