News from HP Velotechnik, Nov. 2016

HP Velotechnik employees stand behind their new trike, the Gekko fxs.

News from HP Velotechnik

Your 2017 Dollar Goes Further: Most Prices Unchanged for Base Models from HP Velotechnik

In early November of most years, HP Velotechnik publishes new prices for continuing models. Compared to 2016 prices, the new 2017 prices for base models remain mostly unchanged.

Scorpion fs 26 base model: unchanged at $4590
Gekko fx 26 (USA): unchanged at $2390
Gekko fx 20 (USA): unchanged at $2290
Grasshopper fx base model: unchanged at $3290
StreetMachine Gte base model: $40 increase to $2990
(New prices effective Nov. 1, 2016.)

This simple comparison does not reveal something unusual they’ve done for customers. In the new pricing schedule, they are now including customs and duties in the retail price but not origination fees — the cost of shipping costs from Germany to USA. This is notable because the net 2017 price that many customers see on their final receipt will turn out to be slightly lower for many models in 2017 because duties, especially for two-wheelers, have been very high in the past.

HP Velotechnik Offers New Options


2017:  SRAM GX 30-speed drivetrain with SRAM 500 SL bar-end shifters for under seat steering. This replaces prior years’ Shimano XT 27-speed drivetrain with Dura-Ace bar-end shifters.
The 81-speed trike drivetrains still use the XT 27-speed.

Human-generated Electricity and Lighting: Big Upgrades in 2017

While the high-end SON Delux dynohub remains HP Velotechnik’s premium option for an electric power source, they’ve added the SP 8-Series Dynamo Hub as a low-cost option. More about the SP 8-Series Dynamo Hub here.

Regardless of which you choose, both dynamo hub systems include the incredible, new 100-Lux IQ-X headlight from Busch + Müller (B&M). This is an amazing light, representing yet another break-through from B&M. See the other article in this newsletter.

Meanwhile, the Dymotec 6 tire dynamo is paired with B&M’s new 80 Lux IQ Fly Premium headlight. B&M’s Dymotec 6 remains a great low-cost, low-weight option and is the basic light for the Grasshopper fx/Air.

Features of IQ Fly Premium:

  • Extensive light field
  • Light at close range
  • Stand light & sensor (a.k.a., parking light)
  • 80 Lux with front reflector

Pedals: Shimano PD T780 pedal

As an upgrade from the (cheap) standard pedal that comes with HP Velotechnik trikes and bikes at no extra cost, they now offer the newer PD T780 pedal, part of Shimano’s Deore XT product line. This is a really fine pedal that costs less when ordered with a new HP Velot. than it does at standard retail prices.

The Pre-Built Scorpion fs 26 is here.

Only available in the USA.

This past summer, HP Velotechnik began offering a pre-built Scorpion fs 26 “USA” model for United States customers. It could be ordered and delivered in only 7-10 business days instead of the 5-7 weeks typical for custom models. It includes a few commonly-requested upgrades at a good price: $5057. Warehoused in the USA.

Your choice of ErgoMesh, ErgoMesh XL, or BodyLink seat.
Drivetrain: SRAM GX 30 speed with SRAM 500 SL Bar-end shifters; Full-suspension (medium payload) with RockShox Monarch RL rear shock; Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes with parking brakes; front boom with derailer tube; standard color option: white/grey.