Metro-North disallows recumbents

(Note: A few months later, MTA reversed its position on this. See the Summer Newsletter entry.)

This stinks.

Just now, a friend brought it to my attention that the MTA’s “Bike Permit Regulations” website now specifically names recumbents as “not permitted.” This must have been updated in the last two months.

It seems possible, however, that folding and split-apart bents, like the HP Velotechnik Grasshopper fx, Volaes with ES frames, and bents with SS couplings may still be permitted, but I’d put them in a closed carrying bag if only to avoid encouraging further restrictions. My guess would be that dirty chains and chain rings have upset some transit officials, but that’s just a guess. (E-ml me individually if you need info. about carrying bags sized for the Grasshopper fx and the Scorpions fs/fx.)


Also see:

I assume I’m not alone in believing it would be worthwhile to work with the MTA to reconsider, at least to allow short wheelbase bents with covered chains and chain rings.

I’ll spearhead this. Is there anyone on the list with professional negotiation skills who could volunteer to join me in this effort? Write me.


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