Locks on my mind.

A friend’s Dutch-style upright, made by NYC Bikes/Spokes and Strings was stolen this evening from in front of Mark Morris Dance Company / BAM (Bklyn Academy of Music).

Darn it.

Admittedly, she might have been using a stronger lock. But still, I’m irritated. We had it nicely fitted out with Danish running lights, new steel handlebars, a large Wald basket, a nice seat, 3M reflective tape, and a few other practical niceties.

The lesson remains what I’ve known for a long time: use a lock made from hardened steel, no matter how heavy it makes your bike. One has to spend at least $80 for a lock that will discourage a professional thief. Also, get locking skewers for your wheels and seat and a locking Ahead bolt so your front fork can’t be stolen.

Here is a good article at Slate, including lock reviews that consisted of breaking them open. Among the surprises was that a Kryptonite U-lock that I’ve used for a long time and believed to be strong, is not. The writer sawed it open in a New York minute.

If you’re riding a ‘bent, call me for Pitlock locking skewers and bolts. You need them.

By the way, a little research on Craig’s List reveals a surprising number of $70-$100 bikes. Presumably they’re stolen. Please don’t support the business of bike thieves by buying cheap bikes.


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