HP Velotechnik accessory mounts: rear light without rear rack, water bottle, computer

HP Velotechnik accessory mounts: rear light without rear rack, water bottle, computer

I’m posting this short e-mail conversation with a customer because these questions get frequently asked.


Hi Robert,

Question: If I get the B&M Dymotec light system, do I need to also get the rear rack to attach the rear light to? I was thinking of skipping the rack for now, but think I will get the lights.

I worked up a configuration using HP Velotechnik’s configurator.  Would you check it for me?  It’s # 7—-.


Hi F—,

For all HP Velotechnik light systems, incl. the B&M Dymotec, you do NOT need a rear rack in order to attach the light. The factory mounts the rear light on the seat-back if there is no rack (the wires are connected by way of a plug so you can remove the seat). No problem.

The advantage of the seat-mounted light is that it drops the weight and expense of the rack. I have some nice carrying bags from Radical Design that don’t require a rack so you can still carry stuff. And a rack can always be added later.

I like your configuration. I think you’ll appreciate having the disk brakes. The pearl orange color is really nice.

Notes/questions about your configuration:

You specced the Mirrycle mirrors, left and right, which mount on the handlebars. They both include a strong mount that can be used for an odometer, or smart phone attachment, etc. You also listed the $12 computer mount. It mounts near the front of the bike and is good for an extra light, cadence sensor or odometer display. But if you only need an odometer display, that mount isn’t necessary if you get the Mirrycle mirrors that you are ordering.

Water bottle mount and bottles: The price, which probably appears high, actually includes the custom CNC-machined mounting plate, two good bottle cages, two good water bottles, and all mounting hardware. Even if you don’t think you’ll need two water bottles, you can use one cage to hold your wallet, keys and a repair kit for short rides and the other for a bottle. If you still decide to forego the water bottle mounts, there is one other place to mount a water bottle cage: under the frame, underneath the seat.


Nothing more to see here, folks,