George Washington Bridge: efforts to widen and improve bike access

This came in from our friend and recumbent rider Neile Weissman.
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Fellow Cyclists,
In an 11/17 presentation to PA, I applied the World Health Organization’s HEAT tools to quantify the health benefits resulting from current and expanded bike travel across GWB.
• Presuming 14,000 cyclists per weekend access the GWB, that level of physical activity would prevent 21 deaths per year worth $195 million.
• Widened paths could save more lives than anti-suicide barriers.

Public Health

HEAT has been employed to assess the cost-benefits of bike-walk infrastructure throughout Europe and in Boston the impact of public transit service cuts and fare increases. 
Neile Weissman
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140 organizations, businesses and communities are now calling on the PA to widen the GWB paths, including Edgewater, Fort Lee, Englewood Cliffs and six community boards in Manhattan and the Bronx.
For a current overview of the advocacy to widen the GWB paths: Complete the GWB

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