Explanation of Cruzbike Silvio / S30 Chainstay lengths

Cruzbike Silvio S30 frame kit illustrating explanation of S30 Chainstay lengths

I recently had an email conversation with Cruzbike’s Maria Parker about the chainstay options on the Silvio / S30

The question at hand was about the chainstay lengths for the S30. There are small, medium and large.
This is what she wrote:
The S30 comes with a medium chainstay. If a customer asks for a small chainstay, we can get them one.  Usually we don’t open the box and replace, we just send them a small along with the frameset and they can return the one that doesn’t work as well.
The large chainstay moves the feet very high on the S30 and at the same time moves the handlebar down – this doesn’t really work well. I actually have ridden the S30 that way, but it’s rather strange.
To give people more options for handlebar height, we have the curved slider. It can be used curved up or down depending upon whether the customer wants their hands higher or lower.  Most people want the handlebar lower.
The medium chainstay works really well for most people. Very short-legged people might like the short chainstay.
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