Check out the Clothing for Recumbent Riders

blue tie dye pants

Recumbent riders have somewhat specific needs for jerseys and shorts. For jerseys, it’s better to have pockets on the front than on the back, as they are on a traditional cycling jersey. For shorts, padding is unnecessary (though I find it blocks the wind on a cold day).

The following companies have good options for bent riders, though I don’t necessarily have experience with any of them other than Ice Breaker.  (And I’m not sure what I think of the spectacular tights.  Maybe I’ll get them for the Halloween ride.)

Aero Tech Designs. Some unpadded shorts. Slightly cheesy site, but try and look beyond that. Check out the tights!
Ibex. Merino wool sports clothing. Good stuff.
Ice Breaker. Merino wool technical clothing. Hard wearing. Highly recommended.
Regatta Sport. Unpadded shorts and tights for the non-cyclist look.

Reverse Gear. Specializes in recumbent clothes.


P.S. Today I was hit by a car. Bruised calf muscle but otherwise okay. More about that later. It’s been a rough four weeks!

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