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Gekko fx, black, custom, German edition: $3,990. Set up for expedition touring and commuting with SON dynamo hub, B&M front and rear lights, carbon fiber front boom, fenders, rear rack and more.  Lightly used, great condition.


New York City Bike Clubs Open to Recumbent Riders?

Yes and no. The Five Borough Bike Club readily welcomes recumbent riders on group rides because the cyclists tend to ride with wide spacing between one another. New York Cycle Club is somewhat open to recumbents but only if you’re a highly skilled group rider who is strong on hills. This is for group safety.


Tours: Finland

“Bike Finland: Island Hopping in the Turku Archipelago”

Robert is co-leading a bike tour in Finland this July for the Appalachian Mountain Club.  At this time there’s a wait-list. He may run a similar tour again next year.

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