Taking the Grasshopper fx “Air” on planes

A customer question about the Grasshopper fx “Air”:

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 12:32 PM, G— F— wrote:

Hi Robert,
I visited you about 2 years ago looking for a foldable bent….
…I am interested in your Grasshopper FX Air.  What are the dimensions of the suitcase?  In other words, is it standard, within the
62 inch regulation for air travel?

Hey G—!

Great to hear from you.  Yes, I remember you and have my notes from our conversations.  And yes, I’ve kept working at this issue of the “travel recumbent.”
The Grasshopper fx Air is a really cool solution.
To reply:
The suitcase has a linear measurement of 76″.
For some airlines that is below the maximum, for others that is oversize. It depends.  Airlines vary in their maximum weight and linear measurements and those maximums may be trumped by their rules concerning bicycles.  Also, the desk clerks seem to have leeway for deciding what is okay.
My experience:
On four occasions, I’ve used the suitcase to take both a Grasshopper fx and a Cruzbike Quest on planes.
First time: on Delta Airlines
No problems and no extra charges. At baggage check-in, the clerk remarked that it looked large but accepted it. As per Delta regulations, bag was underweight but oversize.
Second time: on Delta
Size was judged fine, but the suitcase with bike inside were overweight. I had made the mistake of packing too many additional items inside the suitcase (items like bicycle shoes, tent, sleeping bag, tools, helmet, etc.)
They said they were going to have to charge me for an overweight bag.  After I told them it had a bike inside, they asked to see it and then charged me the (lower) cost for sporting goods/bicycle but not for being oversize or overweight.
Third: Norwegian Air
NO Air has a higher maximum size and weight for sporting goods/bikes.  They asked to see that it was a bike.  I paid no extra charges even though the net weight was over the maximum.
Fourth: Norw. Air
Same. No problems or extra charges.
Ride, fold, pack and ride,


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