Improve your Cruzbike technique: work out with a jump rope.

A hint for those who want to develop better Cruzbike technique: skip rope.  Specifically, do one-legged skipping and at a variety of tempos from very, very, very slow to as fast as possible.  This helps develop excellent coordination between the hands and legs, which is what you need for really good Cruzbike riding.  It also helps strengthen the recumbent muscles and is a wonderful cardio workout that’ll give you power on the hills.  It’s also extremely exhausting, in all the best ways.  I’m using an inexpensive Buddy Lee speed rope, but you could spend more and/or use a weighted rope as well.
Confession: it took me a while to develop the strength and technique to enjoy jumping rope.  (That sounds a lot like my experience learning to ride a Cruzbike!)  I’ve been jumping rope for over 10 years now, so I have it down pretty well.  Early on, it took determination.  I figured it would be good cross training as I worked towards running my first marathon.  At that time, I was traveling a lot.  I never knew if I’d have a decent place to run and usually I didn’t.  The jump rope and a set of resistance bands were my “traveling gym.”  In the pre-dawn hours, I’d go out to the parking lot of the hotel where I was staying and jump rope as I jogged in circles.  It was thoroughly un-scenic.  But it was a great way to stick to my training schedule and get a high intensity workout before I got into the car for the day.  Ugh.  I haven’t thought about that for years.

Have fun, keep healthy, and stay out of your car,
Robert Matson
New York City Recumbent Supply
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