Cruzbike Silvio: new developments

Earlier this month, Cruzbike designer John Tolhurst announced the new Silvio v. 2.0 and posted photos of the prototype. And today, I spoke with a Cruzbike insider who let me in on a few of the changes that have not yet been publicly announced. I won’t reveal the details, but I will say that the developments are exceptionally exciting and will greatly improve the model.

The primary changes on the new Silvio, that are public information:
– Deeper seat recline, thus more aerodynamic, allowing for faster cruising speeds.
– Disk brake tabs on the front and rear. Frame retains the mountings for caliper brakes.
– Accepts wheels of nearly any size as long as they have disk brakes, whether 700C, 26″, or 24″, or 20″…
– Fatter tires possible with 26″ and smaller wheels.
– Allows attachment of a headrest.
– New method of attaching seat.
– New method of attaching rear rack.
– Storage under seat, inside frame, for small items like repair kit and spare tubes.

See his blog entry “Silvio, where to from here.

“Since its development in 2006, the Silvio redefined the concept of getting a safe and comfortable road-bike like experience. Customers have been very enthusiastic, and the wonderful ride at Saratoga by Maria Parker and then her 100 mile, 200 mile and 12 hour records at White Oak cemented the Silvio template….(more)

Have fun, ride far, ride fast,

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